Employee Credit Purchase: Banks Prefer

As a public service agent, you are solicited from all sides for personal credits. But, it is very common to end up with excessive indebtedness following a series of unforeseen or accident of life. Doing a credit redemption is not a drama in itself, it’s just a way to get back on track. The official credit redemption is adapted to best meet your requirements …

What are the benefits of the official credit redemption?

What are the benefits of the official credit redemption?


Whether you are a civil servant, a territorial public servant or a hospital official, when applying for a buyback credit, your status will reassure analysts. This is a strong point when applying for a loan.

The official credit redemption is cheaper?

A credit pool is studying as a whole, its positive and negative aspects. The credit simulation will indicate ratios of indebtedness and rest to live. Newpret.com is committed to reducing its fees for your online credit redemption. It is enough to indicate during your simulation of repurchase of credit in useful information: credit official. 

Typically, redeeming your rewards for a statement credit doesn’t take the place of any minimum payment due. There may be an exception only if the statement credit is applied to your balance right away and wipes out your entire credit card balance, leaving you with a zero balance or even a credit to your account.

The credit repurchase official is still accepted?

The credit repurchase official is still accepted?

When you have too much consumer credit or consumer credit, which you have trouble meeting the credit, it’s time to make a loan redemption. This buy-back operation will lighten your debt by reducing monthly payments and opting for a single loan.

Credit repurchase banks accept more credit from civil servants, but sometimes they refuse because there are too many direct debits (over 25 debits from the last 3 months of account statements) or too much lines of credit (over 15 lines of credit).

The simulator of repurchase of credit on newpret.com will answer you very quickly on the feasibility of your file. Redeeming online credit saves time and finding a quick and efficient solution to your financial troubles.You applied for an online credit with the Social Credit for Civil Servants? Apply on newpret.com and compare!

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