Credit in 12 hours – where to apply

Best banks have agreed on certain standards for the granting of loans. To get a loan approved you have to meet these standards. The criteria include, for example, available income, type and duration of employment, age and no significant negative entries at Credit bureau.If these requirements are met, you can apply for a loan in 12 hours and get it approved. In many cases, it is even faster.

Where can you apply for a loan in 12 hours?

Where can you apply for a loan in 12 hours?

You have several options for this. There are numerous providers on the Internet who promise loans with an instant commitment. With these loans, however, you should note that the immediate commitment is not binding. The final commitment is made only after all documents have been checked. By the way, your creditworthiness is also checked for loans without a Credit bureau query, since these are two different things. Creditworthiness and Credit bureau are not directly related. Another alternative to get a loan in 12 hours is to make an appointment with a bank of your choice and prepare yourself well for it.

This means that you should bring your ID or passport, the payslip and possibly the account statement with you so that the documents are immediately available to the bank for evaluation. Then you just have to wait for the result of the Credit bureau request. The bank will inform you at the latest within 24 hours whether your application has been approved or not.

Are there other options?

Are there other options?

For example, you can agree a credit line with your bank in advance. Within this framework, you can call up a loan whenever you need it, without having to apply for it beforehand. A loan in 12 hours is also available with an installment purchase. With smaller amounts, the decision is made immediately, with larger amounts it only takes a few hours.

If you apply for the loan online, you must note that a loan is only provisionally approved in 12 hours. The review of all documents and required documents takes several working days, as they are usually sent by post. It takes a few more days for the loan amount to reach your account.

Do not be tempted to make hasty contracts by urgent financial needs. Many providers lure customers with a low APR on their loans. However, you only mention in the small print that the low interest rate depends on the creditworthiness. The low effective annual interest rate is only granted to customers with good to very good credit ratings. Average consumers, on the other hand, pay much higher interest rates, which make the loan significantly more expensive. A careful comparison reveals these facts.

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